FAVSLIDER PRO is a responsive Joomla! slideshow with multiple image and caption layouts, CSS3 effects, video support, 24 slides per module and optional HikaShop compatiblity. See the documentation.

image & caption
CSS3 effects

youtube & vimeo
video support

up to 24 slides
per module


Slideshow Type

Designed to be versatile and customizable, FavSlider Pro supports up to 24 slides for each module and can have both a thumbnails and a basic slideshow type:



Slideshow Autorun

Slideshow Image Layout

FavSlider Pro has 3 image layout options for the slideshow - DEFAULT, IMAGE RIGHT and IMAGE LEFT:

Default Image Layout

Left Image Layout

Right Image Layout

FavSlider Pro Video Support

FavSlider Pro has video support for YouTube and Vimeo:

Slideshow Transition Effects

FavSlider Pro has 2 transition effect options for the slideshow - SLIDE and FADE:

Slide Transition Effect

Fade Transition Effect

Slideshow Arrow Styles

FavSlider Pro has 3 arrow position options - TOP, MIDDLE and BOTTOM. The TOP and BOTTOM arrow positions have 3 additional alignment options - LEFT, CENTER and RIGHT:

Arrows Top Position

Arrows Middle Position

Arrows Bottom Position

Arrows Left Position

Arrows Center Position

Arrows Right Position

Slideshow Indicator Styles

FavSlider Pro has 3 indicator styles - CIRCLE, LINE and SQUARE, each one with a LEFT, CENTER and RIGHT alignment option and a DARK and LIGHT color style. The indicator styles are visible when the BASIC slideshow type is enabled:

Indicator Circle Style

Indicator Line Style

Indicator Square Style

Indicator Dark Style

Indicator Left Align

Indicator Right Align

Slideshow Caption Styles

FavSlider Pro has 6 caption styles - DEFAULT, SIMPLE, CENTER, BOTTOM, LEFT and RIGHT, each one with additional TRANSPARENT, DARK and LIGHT color styles. The caption styles are visible when the DEFAULT image slideshow layout is enabled:

Default Caption Style

Simple Caption Style

Center Caption Style

Bottom Caption Style

Left Caption Style

Right Caption Style

Dark Caption Style

Slideshow CSS3 Effects

Each slide can have 8 separate CSS3 effects for both the IMAGE and the CAPTION, with a total of 16 effect options which can be combined for each slide:

More Examples

The amazing features included in FavSlider Pro can be used to create many different content presentations, here are some additional examples: